Finding Juliet

Finding Juliet- cover

Book  –  Finding Juliet

Author –  Toffee

Rating  –  2.5/5


“Behind every person there lies a story which makes them what they are. Many a time, the story isn’t known to anybody.”

First, I had given this book 3.5 stars, but then I thought clearly and realized their were some parts that seemed offense to me.

Finding Juliet is a story of Arjun aka Romeo of this book. He’s a geek, looking for a girlfriend and end up getting hurt by three of his crush. Through his journey, he had a best friend Anjali, who never left his side. But the story doesn’t end here. It takes a turn when he meets Krish, and realization drown on his head about the mistakes he had made with all three. Once the night slipped away, he’s a changed boy and a flirter.

Some may love this story, but I’m on the neutral part.

Girls are shallow and had no deepness. I loathed how Arjun blamed them when he never had a nerve to say anything to them. Not to forget, how Arjun viewed his one of the crush on the basis of her breast. Like really? Are girls are based on the look of their breast?

After half of the story was done, I hoped there might be some changes and nothing, it was all cliché story.  The geek turned to playboy because of the hurt he had conquered in his heart. Little by little, he started sleeping around, did drugs and became a playboy. But later, he realize his mistake and try to make it better. That’s the part I loved the most. Realizing his mistakes, and the difference between love and lust which today’s generation had forgotten.

This was the best part of the book, making me feel my time wasn’t waste and the book had a better ending and  I was wrong about it before. But it was spoiled by the ending and some of R-rated scene.

I think it’s a high time when Indian publishers starts distinguishing between New Adult and Young Adult novels.

And the ending was a dream come true and didn’t fit the story much. The author could have given it a pinch of reality if the ending was changed.

Their were times when  I was waiting for a new and sudden turn but they all withered to the ground.

Writing wasn’t bad. I loved Toffee writing styles. But I guess this story wasn’t for me. The 2.5 stars are for his writing and the small part I liked about the book. If you’re looking for a book of redemption and is confused between love and lust, then this book is for you.

P.S. – ‘I received a copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.’

“Life is short and you gotta enjoy it to the fullest while it lasts.”



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